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       Company Background

  • What is The Dark Knot?
  • Why the name The Dark Knot?
  • What Charitable Organization have you partnered with?

       The Dark Knot Tie information

  • What is the difference between a woven and printed silk tie?
  • Are all your ties priced at USD 45?
  • What are your neckties made of?
  • What is the sizing of your ties?
  • Are your neckties stain resistant?

       Shipping and Returns

  • Does the  cost of the tie include shipping?
  • When does my order get shipped?
  • Can I change or cancel an order that I have already purchased?

       Wearing The Dark Knot Ties

  • How do I match my ties to suits and shirts?
  • What type of knot do you suggest I try with The Dark Knot Ties?
  • When and where should I wear The Dark Knot Ties?

Company Background

What is The Dark Knot?

The Dark Knot is a men’s necktie concept that is launching with 72 printed and woven silk designs across a range of patterns including stripes, solids, abstracts, neat patterns and animal prints. Our focus on customer service is at the forefront of our philosophy, and will drive every decision we make from here on out. All neckties are presented in an elegant, chic black box, with matching suit and shirt recommendations for each tie. Additionally, each Dark Knot tie comes with a tie clip that fastens the reverse side of your ties to two shirt buttons, thereby allowing you to eliminate what can often be unpleasant necktie wearing experiences, such as eating steak or washing your hands (no more having to tuck your necktie into your shirt or hanging it over your shoulder!).

Our focus is on providing high quality ties with great presentation, while keeping our customers front and center of our philosophy. Hence the matching recommendations for suits and shirts and the tie clips. We don’t believe that any transaction should end at the point our product leaves the shelf. As far as we’re concerned, this is the start of our transaction. From that point onwards, we want to help you enjoy your necktie experience as much as possible.

In conjunction with our desire to help men dress better, we have created a men’s formalwear fashion blog at that addresses a range of topics related to men’s formalwear fashion, from bespoke tailoring of suits and shirts to Tuxedos, how to dress for weddings, seasonal fashion trends and beyond. We hope that you find this resource useful in helping you navigate your way through the fast evolving world that has become Men’s fashion!

Why the name The Dark Knot?

When we were conceptualizing a brand name for the tie line, we wanted our brand to be a symbolism of masculinity and strength, while still maintaining an aura of chicness. We feel that the brand name and the panther logo embody these concepts and help bring the brand to life. The panther represents strength and speed, and the black and white theme encompassing the whole name and logo demonstrates a level of chicness that is apparent throughout the product, from the final construction of the ties, to the quality of the packaging, suit and shirt recommendations and the tie clip.

The focus on the Knot quite literally represents our focus on the quality of the ties, which ultimately results in a fantastic knot. All of our ties are made from high quality silk, are self-tipped and are interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton.

Ultimately, this brand represents elegance and masculinity, and above all else, a fine product, and we are truly excited about bringing this rich combination to the market at an affordable price!

What Charitable Organization have you partnered with?

We have entered into an agreement with SOS Children’s villages, a non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family care. SOS provides about 50,000 such children and 15,000 young adults with a permanent new family and new SOS mother to provide family based care. We believe that we really are fortunate to live in a world where concerns such as how to dress can take importance. We want to bridge that gap with a world where getting by on a daily basis in and of itself is a huge struggle.

We would like to thank all of you for your interest in The Dark Knot, as each transaction with one of you helps us help SOS in a small, but hopefully meaningful way. Thank you all once again!

The Dark Knot Tie Information

What is the difference between a woven and printed silk necktie?

There are two main types of silk ties – printed and woven. The main difference is that the fabric for a printed silk is made up of the same silk which is subsequently dyed to form the color patterns. A woven tie, however, is made up of various color fibers that form a pattern. The main benefit behind a woven silk tie is the texture. A woven silk tie has texture, whereas a printed silk tie tends to be flat.

Are all of your ties priced at USD 45?

We are offering both our Standard Line (wovens and printed silks) and Luxury Line ‘The Haute Collection’ (wovens) at 45 and 59 USD respectively. Our Luxury Line ties are made from an even higher yarn count, resulting in impeccable fabric feel and finish. All orders include free standard shipping.

What are your ties made of?

All of our ties are handmade from 100% silk, are self-tipped (silk tipping) and interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton. We have ensured that the utmost attention and care has gone into the making of every single necktie that we hold. We truly are excited about bringing you such a high quality product at an affordable price.

What is the sizing of your ties?

All of our ties are 3.25 (8.3cm) inches in width, trending in line with the narrower end of regular width ties. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing! We are looking to introduce skinny ties in the future.

Our ties come in two sizing options; Regular and Extra length. Our regular length ties are 58 inches (147 cm) while our Extra Length ties, reserved for men who are generally 6’2 (1.88 meters) and taller are 63 inches (160 cm).

Please use your discretion when choosing your sizing. If you are 6’0 (1.83 meters) or 6’1 (1.85 meters) and are broad shouldered with a big neck and protruding chest, an extra length tie could be suitable for you.

Are your ties stain resistant?

Our ties are not stain resistant. Ultimately, a Teflon finish can provide stain and water resistance, but we decided against this as Teflon essentially adds a plastic resin layer to your tie to deflect stains and water, thereby taking away from the natural silk feel of our ties.

Shipping and Returns

Does the cost of the tie include shipping?

All orders include free standard shipping, which typically takes 2-3 weeks. Expedited delivery is available for a nominal fee of USD 15. Please visit our Shipping Page for more details.

When does my order get shipped?

All orders are shipped out by the next business day. Holidays and weekends are not business days. Weekend orders will be shipped on the following Monday.

Can I change or cancel and order that I have already placed?

Apologies, but once you have confirmed your order, we cannot change or cancel it. Please make sure that you review your order carefully before you confirm it.

Wearing The Dark Knot Ties

How do I match my ties to suits and shirts?!?

Well actually, that’s not something you have to worry about, because we provide matching suit and shirt recommendations for each tie.

While matching ties to your suits and shirts is part art, part science, we believe that these fundamentals are important when pairing up your tie with a suit or shirt to create that perfect ensemble:

When looking to mix and match ties to your suits and shirts, use a color wheel like the one below:


For example, with our Montauk Ducks pattern below, you could try the following:


(1)  Use colors that are diagonally across from each other for a stark contrast, such as Orange and Blue. Use colors that form an equilateral triangle for great complementary colors!

(2)  Try, where possible, to have the color of your shirt be a secondary color in your tie. As is the case with Montauk Ducks, a light blue shirt will work great as it contrasts fantastically with the orange tie, and there are hints of blue in the tie without it being the primary color.

(3)  Avoid wearing 3 patterns where you can, unless you are really sartorially inclined. Usually 1 pattern and 2 solids or 2 patterns and a solid work. The key with mixing and matching patterns is to contrast pattern styles and proportions. So if you are wearing a solid suit and a narrow striped shirt, a wide striped tie will do. As will a solid tie or one of the many animal motifs that we are selling!

What type of knot do you suggest I try with The Dark Knot ties?

Personally, at the Dark Knot, we love the Half Windsor, as it provides thickness, depth and elegance like the Full Windsor, though without the fuss and pomp. However, choosing your knot isn’t always as simple as that.

A Half or Full Windsor suits taller, thinner men who are wearing a spread collar, as it adds to perceived width on a long frame with a slim neck, and fills up the space nicely in a spread collar (which is also used to add perceived width). Pleases refer to our blog’s article on how to dress up based on your body type!

A four in hand knot suits men with wider necks / width who are want to reduce perceived width. Hence, a four in hand would go well with a narrow spread collar in this instance.

When and where should I wear Dark Knot ties?

Everywhere and anywhere! We are ecstatic to bring you high quality ties in a range of patterns that we really believe can be worn to a multitude of occasions, from classic interview, work and boardroom settings to weddings in the winter or summer, the Kentucky derby, gala events or just on a night out on the town! And with the sleek black box that the ties come in, a purchase at The Dark Knot makes for the perfect gift item for your significant other, family member, friend or colleague!

We hope that we’ve been able to answer as many of your questions as possible! Please feel free to email us at


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