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The Dark Knot Ties & Accessories Starter Kits

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Aren't you tired of being that man who is having trouble dressing well, or not knowing which colors and patterns go together?  Imagine instead of being the guy that people do a double take at everytime you walk by or into a room! Or the gentleman that makes an impression at every meeting with how impeccably dressed you are.

You see, back in the day, I wasn't always the best dressed guy in the room. Color coordination and pattern matching is not something that came naturally to me.  And neither did I have a resource I could turn to where dressing sophisticated and suave would come well presented to me as a service.  

That is why I started The Dark Knot - to create a resource for helping gentlemen dress better.  In addition to providing the market with luxurious product at a great price, I wanted to provide you all with the tools needed to dress sharply.  I spent countless hours of research - so far 3-4 years - understanding color and pattern theory and how different elements of clothing work together! I have personally written over 150 Men's Style articles and continue to passionately research this topic day in and day out.


I understand that the concerns I had are shared by many of you guys. 

This is why we have created our Starter Kits.  With our Starter Kits, I will PERSONALLY help you choose Ties & Accessories of your liking with a FREE Style Consultation (typically valued at $500), so that you are always dressing well and with confidence! This means that you effectively get access to all those years of research and study I have done, as that will be the basis for how we help you choose the right accessories based on your existing lifestyle and wardrobe needs!

The Dark Knot Accessories Starter KitsThe Dark Knot Starter Kits

With our Starter Kits below, you will save $500 with a FREE Style Consultation.

Our Starter Kits come with a very easy 3 step process:

1. Purchase any one of The Dark Knot's Starter Kits

2. We follow up with an email where you tell us the items of your liking or we help you choose them via a Free Style Consultation, where we help you choose items based on your existing wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Items can be chosen from our ENTIRE range of collections.

3. We sent out your package with Free Shipping Globally

Here are some of our testimonials!:

Testimonial 1

 "I have purchased 9 ties from Dark Knot, the first 6 in the starter kit.
First, the customer service is the best I've ever had. From any company. I purchased the package and received an email asking what I do and any preferences, what suits and shirts I own, etc. I read their blog post about the 6 ties every man should own so I went with that.

They then emailed me suggestions with a photo of each. I wanted to change one of their suggestions and they came up with a great option. The ties came to me in Southern California rather quickly. They have also emailed me as a followup to ask how my ties are.

Secondly, the ties. The 6-tie package comes with their standard ties, which are great quality and look terrific. The stitching is well done on all my ties, and the fabric is nice and substantial. They are well lined and make a great knot (my favorite is the Prince Albert, but also the Windsor).

I receive compliments on my ties all the time, and I'm about to buy more."

Review of Six Essential Ties Starter Kit.

- Mike L. - Verified Reviewer (09/07/2015)

Testimonial 2

"The quality, selection, and packaging of the ties was outstanding. My questions were answered immediately and thoroughly. They followed up after the purchase to ensure I was completely satisfied. This will be the only place I go to for tie purchases."

Review of Six Essential Ties Starter Kit.

- Jose F. - Verified Reviewer (10/11/2015)

Save over $500 with our Free Style Consultation!

The Dark Knot was founded with the purpose of helping gentlemen dress better! Our video below shows our commitment to this:

A review of our ties by industry leading menswear influencer Antonio Centeno:

Are you looking to dress better without any hassle? Try any one of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Starter Kits, where we will help you dress your best with a Free Style Consultation:


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