Welcome to The Dark Knot: Democratizing Luxury

The Dark Knot offers contemporary hand-stitched woven and printed silk neckties of the highest quality. We were founded with the simple but often elusive goal of helping men dress stylistically, with luxurious product that can be worn at any occasion, at a fraction of the price of your traditional high end retailers.

The Dark Knot was founded on two critical principles:

(1) Democratizing Luxury, and thereby making neckties of the highest quality affordable (vast majority of our ties are priced at USD 45, including Free Shipping Globally).

(2) Helping men dress stylistically.  Hence, each necktie comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts.  Additionally, we feature a content rich blog with over 100 articles that is geared towards helping aspiring Dapper Gentlemen find their sense of style.

Our ties have been created with the utmost focus on research and diligence.  Our process started with the examination of the finest quality neckties in the marketplace. We read rigorously about the craftsmanship of neckties, from the diagonal bias that tie patterns are cut at to the interlining, the material required on the inside that gives a necktie its requisite drape. Tie lengths were taken into consideration, to account for taller men, in addition to the finest of details such as the manner in which labels were sewn into the seams and the material used for our tipping.

To the end that we wanted to create a product that helps men dress more stylistically, we have created a beautifully packaged necktie experience that will satisfy even the most demanding tie connoisseur. Each of our ties come elegantly packaged in a gift-like black box, with one essential element – each tie comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts. Hence, helping our customers dress more stylistically. With men’s style and fashion having evolved at such a rapid pace over the last few years, there is little wonder as to why today’s discerning, dapper gentleman wants to dress and look the part. That is where we come in. We want to help you do that.

In fact, our packaging is so unique and comprehensive in how we have used it to deliver a luxurious product while helping gentlemen across the globe dress better, that we have gone through the process of trademarking our packaging.  Our packaging trademark is currently pending, which will give us a unique advantage.

High Quality, Hand Made Silk Ties

The Dark Knot carries 100% hand made silk ties that encapsulate the finest quality along with the full customer experience. Our collection of ties spans approximately 120 unique designs, each hand made from high quality silk and interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton, to ensure that perfect, dimple infused knot every time.

High Value at a Great Price

We pride ourselves on delivering an extremely high value product at an affordable price. As cliché as that sounds, we have combed through every detail with intricate attention, and are truly excited at the prospect of bringing you the Standard and Skinny Tie Lines, Luxury Line (The Haute Collection) and Ultra-Premium Luxury Line (The Edition Collection) priced at 45, 59 and 75 USD respectively, including shipping.

Great Breadth across Patterns

With a wide range of colors and styles, ranging from solids, stripes, abstracts and dots to neat patterns, animal motifs and skinny ties, we offer something for everyone. With two different length options catering to both taller and average height men, we ensure that you will find the perfect tie

Elegant Packaging with accessories

Our packaging makes your Dark Knot purchase the ideal gift for your father, husband or significant other. Most importantly, we are excited about the full customer experience, from the product moving off the shelf to the first time you wear it and beyond. Each tie comes with an optional tie clip that fastens the reverse side of your tie to two shirt buttons, thereby eliminating sometimes unpleasant experiences such as dining while dressed formally.

Our Pledge

And lastly, and most importantly, each tie comes with a recommendation for matching suit and shirt combinations. And with our pledge, should you have questions regarding what to wear our, or any of your existing neckties with, you can always feel free to reach out to us at info@thedarkknot.com.