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About The Dark Knot Silk Ties Tie of the month club Burgundy Polka Dot Tie

At The Dark Knot, we are here to help you. Here to ease your stylistic concerns, and ultimately, help you dress better. I know from experience how frustrating it is to not receive the best style advice that we can find. It seemed like every brand out there was just focused on selling product, and not truly focused on the entire experience of buying and then wearing neckties. This is why I founded The Dark Knot. To alleviate style concerns for gentlemen. We look to take this service and extend it across a full accessories platform. That is our vision, and we hope you can join us on this incredible journey.  

We offer you luxurious ties at a great price. Our ties are all hand made with silk, tipped with silk, and interlined with a rich double layer of wool and cotton, yielding incredible feel and an extremely luxurious knot. And we take great pride in our product. From our meticulous attention to detail, hand checking of ties on the factory floor post every production run, to the packaging of our ties in elegant, chic black gift boxes that come with matching recommendations and tie clips.

Ultimately, we've thought about you. What makes your retail experience pleasant, hassle free, satisfying, and above all, truly enjoyable. Great ties, indispensable style advice, free shipping, and customer service that is with you every step of the way.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site, and welcome you to The Dark Knot family.




Rishi Chullani

The Dark Knot 

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