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When to Wear A Men’s Bracelet (and How to Choose The Right One)

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

Kathryn Fassett

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Wearing a bracelet can be a little intimidating for a man. Jewelry tends to be considered a feminine thing, and even though there is a wide range of masculine styles, men lack confidence in this area of their wardrobes. This guide is designed to help you understand some of the different kinds of bracelets available and when might be an appropriate time to wear them.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are an excellent choice to express an appreciation of craftsmanship. Leather bracelets represent that balance between being very well dressed and remaining down to earth. For that reason, leather bracelets work well in the office or at work. They make you look refined, yet approachable.

How to Match Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets can be dyed, so you can wear them in a wide range of colors. Natural leather bracelets will vary in degrees of tan or brown. No matter which color leather bracelet you wear, they are easy to match with jeans, khakis or suits.

When you wear them with jeans, make sure that there is some other article of your outfit the same color. If you wear them with khakis, you want to make sure the bracelet is either the exact same shade of color or a strong contrast with it (light khakis and a darker natural leather bracelet). If you wear a dyed green bracelet, wear something else green like a tie. Natural colors can be matched to belts and shoes, and matching the leather texture will help make the bracelet pop visually.

Where to wear leather

Leather can be matched to nearly any event. Although it is elegant enough to lend itself to many formal events, leather would not appropriate for a black tie occasion.

To view The Dark Knot’s stunning range of leather bracelets, please click here.

Men's Black Leather Bracelet

The Dark Knot's Fullerton Black Leather Silver & Gold Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are more showy. If you’re looking for a real statement piece to add style to your casual event, a beaded bracelet can wow your friends. On the other hand, a beaded bracelet is too much to wear for work or for events where you want to be adequately dressed in a formal capacity. Beaded bracelets make you look fun and perhaps not entirely serious.

How to Match Beaded Bracelets

Matching beaded bracelets can be tricky because you’re not only looking at color, you’re looking at size, shape, and texture as well. A good rule of thumb is to match the colors in your bracelet to something else in your outfit. If you’re wearing a neutral colored suit, like cream, black, or navy, you don’t want to wear beaded bracelets that stand out too much. Beaded bracelets can really catch your eye, but if it’s the only color in your outfit every one will be focused on your wrist.

Where to Wear Beads

Any bracelet with large or colorful beads would not be appropriate for more formal events. These would be great to wear with khakis or jeans, even with something as casual as a t-shirt. Some beaded bracelets are smaller and more understated and it’s possible to wear these to a work setting where you would be wearing a suit. 

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Beaded Bracelets

Courtesy of

Stainless Steel Bracelets

Stainless steel bracelets, whether links, bands, or mixed media such as stainless steel around a leather cord, are versatile and strong pieces of jewelry that can be matched with nearly anything. Like leather bracelets, they can be appropriate enough to wear to work every day or to a more formal event, or you can dress them down for a more casual look. Stainless steel can make a bracelet look very masculine.

How to Match Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a color that matches with anything. You’ll have more luckw if you  make sure that all of your other accessories are also stainless steel or silver colored. It never looks good to match stainless steel with gold colored accessories.

Where to Wear Stainless Steel

If you are interested in buying your first men’s bracelet, you should consider stainless steel because it is so easy to match with just about any outfit and just about any occasion. Stainless steel can even work for a black tie or formal occasion, as long as it’s something elegant and not tacky.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

Courtesy of

Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets are really fun because they add a texture and unexpected pop of metallic color to your ensemble. Copper bracelets tend to be more casual because they look really great with denim or khakis. Men sometimes shy away from colorful jewelry because they are worried they will look feminine. Copper is the perfect way to experiment with color while still using a masculine material, metal.

How to Match Copper

Copper can run in shades from “shiny new penny” to “almost green.” There are a couple tricks to pull off copper. One of them is to add a copper accent somewhere else in the outfit, such as copper belt buckles, or hardware on your shoes. This attention to detail weaves the copper into the look, leaving you looking very put together.

Where to Wear Copper

Copper is great for more casual events and can even be worn with t-shirts. More exquisite copper bracelets could be matched with suits and other formal wear, but this starts to get a little trickier. The best copper bracelets might be acceptable for a black tie occasion, but the majority of them might seem too casual for those events.

Men's Copper Bracelet

Courtesy of

Precious Metal Bracelets

Precious metals, like gold, silver, and platinum, are more expensive. Wearing a bracelet made of precious metal is a way to signify wealth and status. Sometimes these bracelets will also feature gemstones or semi-precious stones. If you want to signify a certain level of status, a precious metal bracelet is for you.

How to Match Precious Metal Bracelets

Clashing metals is a quick way to ruin your look. If you wear a gold bracelet, make sure all the other metal on your outfit is gold or gold-colored. If you are wearing silver or white gold, make sure that all of the metals match. The same is true for copper, although when it comes to other metals like stainless steel or titanium you can get away with anything silver colored.

Where to Wear Precious Metal Bracelets

Precious metals are always acceptable to wear to a black tie event. You could wear them to more formal occasions, but they are not appropriate for more casual gatherings. Wearing them to events like a backyard barbeque might feel a little alienating to your guests, so opt for something more casual for events like those.

And that’s a wrap for this one. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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A Comprehensive Cufflink Guide

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

By Kathryn Fassett

Cufflinks are a accessories that are used to button shirt cuffs when a man is wearing a jacket. They are completely removable from the jacket and are available in a wide range of styles, made from different materials, and with varying degrees of formality. While a button does a perfectly fine job of fastening a shirt cuff, cuff links communicate a little more luxury and style. The appropriate cufflink can help round off a polished look with attention to detail.

Cufflinks can be made of metal, precious metal, glass, stone, leather, wood and more. Knowing which cufflink is appropriate for which event can get confusing, and it’s hard to know what to buy. Are you looking for a bullet back, whaleback, or chain link? If you didn’t know those were cufflink types, don’t worry. Our comprehensive cufflink guide can get you looking polished and appropriate in no time.

Courtesy of

When to Wear Cufflinks

Due to the range of styles available for cufflinks, they aren’t just for black tie events. They can be worn to work or in a wide range of social settings. Anytime you can wear a jacket, you can wear cufflinks, although care should be taken to make sure the level of formality showed in your cufflinks matches the rest of your attire. In other words, a more casual suit should have more casual cufflinks while a more formal suit or tuxedo should have formal cufflinks.


Unless you are the CEO of a medium to large sized company, you probably don’t need to wear cufflinks to work every day. Cufflinks have a way of setting people apart from one another. They communicate a formal presence, which could make your coworkers feel like you are trying to appear superior.

Having said that, cufflinks can give you the pop you need to look more polished on special days, such as the big presentation to the board. Adding cufflinks makes you look more dressed up without actually having to be more dressed up. They can also send the message that you and your superiors are playing on a level field, and that they ought to treat you as an equal.

Wearing cufflinks when meeting an important client can be a good idea also. Putting time into your suit ensemble shows a client that you respect the meeting you’ve scheduled and are willing to go a little further to get their business. But for this use, keep the cufflinks relatively casual or you risk alienating the client.

Courtesy of


There are a lot of social settings where a man might chose to wear a suit or jacket. Weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, and even a summer barbeque could be appropriate places to wear a jacket. Any time that you wear a jacket, you can wear cufflinks. In fact, a stand out pair of cufflinks can start a conversation. Just ensure that “stand out” doesn’t turn into tacky, and you’ll be all set.

How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks seem a little complicated the first time you pick a set up, but they are actually quite easy to use. But before we talk about the mechanics of using cufflinks, it’s worth the time to reiterate what sort of clothing you should have on. For style purposes, you should be wearing a jacket with your cufflinks. For the mechanics of cufflinks, you need to be wearing a shirt with double cuffs (French cuffs).

Double cuff shirts have no buttons, while single cuff shirts do. The cufflink replaces the button, so a single cuff shift doesn’t work. If you have a shirt that you want to wear cufflinks with but it has a single cuff, don’t worry. This is usually an easy enough fix for a tailor.

The mechanics of cufflinks is simple. Open the cuff link, slide it through the holes, then lock or fasten the cufflink. Cufflinks can have toggles, posts, or bars that twist, but they are really no more difficult than earrings.

Courtesy of

Types of Cufflinks

As stated above, cufflinks can be made from metal, precious metal, glass, stone, leather, wood, enamel, gemstone and more. While any cufflink can be more formal, precious metal cufflinks are almost never considered casual. A plain, metal set of cufflinks will go with almost any occasion, but the wide variety of shapes, patterns, and other materials have more specific times that are appropriate for use. Here are some common materials that cufflinks are made from, and what sort of occasion they might be worn to.

  • Enamel- Enamel cufflinks can be worn every day, and many “fun” cufflinks are made from enamel. Enamel cufflinks are highly versatile, and can be worn to daily work, in addition to being suitable across a range of functions. 

Courtesy of

  • Titanium- If you’re looking for good, every day cufflinks that are both professional looking and durable, titanium is a great choice. Titanium is strong and a silver finish is easy to match to almost every color.Titanium Cufflinks

Courtesy of

  • Precious Metal- Precious metal cufflinks are great for very fancy or black tie events. On the other hand, they aren’t appropriate for more casual or day to day wear. Besides, they tend to be too expensive for the wear and tear associated with wearing them daily.

Courtesy of

  • Precious Stones - Range from rubies and emerald to abalone. While these exquisite cufflinks can be worn year round to a range of occasions, they look particularly appropriate for formal occasions such as a wedding / cocktail reception!    
Precious Stone Cufflinks
Courtesy of
  • Leather- Leather cufflinks would not be appropriate for a black tie event. But they are a fun way to play with texture in more casual settings. Leather is perfect for a country themed wedding.
  • Silk- A silk knot is a type of cufflink that is made of silk and is tied to your shirt. Silk Knots are for more casual gatherings.
Silk Knots
    Courtesy of
    Cufflink Fastening

    Cufflink fastenings might not seem to matter very much. If the cufflink fastening is inside your shirt, who will see it anyway? Although it’s relatively easy to learn to use all the different cufflink fastenings, you might find that you prefer one over the other, or that certain fastenings sit a certain way on your jacket. Either way, it’s important to know the different options available for cufflink fastenings and how they work, so you know what you are buying when you are looking at cufflinks.

    • Bullet Back Cufflinks- Bullet back cufflinks start with the design of a whaleback, but the post is hollow and the latch is nestled into the post. By flipping the latch out, the cufflink fastens to the shirt.
    • Whaleback cufflinks- Whalebacks are very common because they are simple to use. A whaleback cufflink closes with a straight post where the end flips back to clip against the post, like a whale’s tail.
    • Stud or Button Cufflinks- Stud or Button cufflinks are shaped that they can be easily inserted into the buttonholes and not as easily removed from them. Studs or Buttons aren’t as fancy, but there is much less chance of breaking it because there is no delicate mechanism.
    • Chain Link Cufflinks- Chain link cufflinks have two heads separated by a bit of chain. One head goes into either buttonhole, and the chain keeps the cuff loosely fastened. Chain link cuffs definitely change the look of the sleeve.
    • Ball Return Cufflinks- Ball Return Cufflinks work like a ball and chain, with a ball at one end and a head at the other. Ball return is another style that changes the silhouette of the sleeve, but it has a tighter close than the chain link cufflinks.
    • Dual-Action / Locking Cufflinks- Dual-Action cufflinks are a contemporary style that works like a clip, where the cufflink hinges in the middle to slip into the buttonholes, and clips shut to grip the fabric.
    • Knot Cufflinks- Knot cufflinks are simple two heads separated by a short bit of soft cord, usually silk. The loosely fastened cuff lends to a more casual look, and the fabric enforces it.

    The following comprehensive and detailed graphic by Real Men Real Style provides a fantastic overview of different types of Cufflink Fastening:

    Cufflink Infographic

    Which Cufflinks Are Appropriate?

    With so many styles of cufflinks available, it can be a little bit overwhelming at first to figure out what style of cufflink is most appropriate for the occasion you need to dress for. Here is a quick start guide for some of the most basic events you might want to wear cufflinks for.

    Conference, Presentation, or Client Meeting

    When selecting cufflinks for a conference, presentation, or client meeting, your goal is to look polished and put together, but not too flashy or dramatic. A good option here would be a bulletback, stud, button, whaleback, or dual-action cufflink set. A smart purchase would compliment more than one of the suits you wear to work, so something simple in silver or gold would work. Colors like black and navy are also popular and easy to incorporate into an existing wardrobe.

    Courtesy of

    Holiday Office Party, Dinner Party

    At a holiday office or dinner party, while you will want to look professional and put together, you will still have an opportunity to inject a little bit more of your personality into your wardrobe. Chain link, ball return, whalebacks, or bullet backs are all strong options. This is a good opportunity to play with color and different cufflink material since you have the flexibility to be more casual.

    Courtesy of

    Wedding, Charity Dinner, Gala

    For a wedding, charity dinner, or gala, dress codes run just under black tie. Cufflinks for these events can be finished in any way, although it can still be difficult to pull off a fabric or silk knot cufflink. The trick is to balance out the more casual styles with higher quality and more formal designs or materials. If you wanted to wear a chain link cufflink, you should select one made of precious metal. If you want to wear a cufflink with a novel shape or out of the ordinary design, selecting one made of finer materials or stones, with a whale back or button back fastener will keep you on the right track.

    Courtesy of

    Black Tie Formal Events

    Given that tuxedos are worn with matching shirt studs and cufflinks, classic examples are gold and onyx. However, formal cufflinks with precious stones can be worn, provided that they have a matching shirt stud set. A black stud set (onyx) will typically do the trick, and will have you looking extremely dapper and in place!

    Courtesy of

    Cufflinks and Shirt Color

    Matching your cufflinks to shirt color gets a little tricky by the sheer number of options available. Before we get into any level of color theory, you can match almost every ensemble you’ll ever create if you invest in one simple set of gold (color or material) cufflinks and one simple set of silver or white gold cufflinks.

    Beyond that, there are cufflinks to match every color, every pattern, every shape, and even cufflinks you can have made with pictures of your children. When you chose a neutral colored shirt, you can have more creative license with your cufflinks. It’s another level when you start to mix patterns and colors.

    When you aren’t wearing a white or black shirt, a conservative rule of thumb is to match the color of the cufflinks to your shirt using the same color but in a different shade. This monochromatic approach minimizes risk and keeps you looking polished. Plus, you only need to know a little bit about color theory.

    Since cufflinks are 3D, shape can be as important as fastenings, materials, and colors. Classic, simple cufflinks should always be worn in more formal or professional occasions, while you can experiment with shapes and textures at less formal occasions like a holiday office party.

    And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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    Geometric Ties | How & When To Wear A Geometric Tie

    Posted by Rishi Chullani on

    It’s game time. You have that all important business meeting around the corner. You’ve got your suit lined up. It’s a Super 150, made of gorgeous wool.  It’s damn near perfect. Your blue double ply cotton shirt has been crisply ironed and is ready for wear when needed. You’ve even mastered color theory, and know exactly which tie colors would work with your given ensemble. However, you’re confused about your pattern. Should you go with a paisley, or something more worthy of a professional setting? You finally settle on your geometric tie, and when you strut into that meeting, almost every one does a double take. There’s a reason why. These ties are versatile, and can be worn across a range of occasions. With that said, here is our primer on Geometric Ties!

    History of Geometric Ties

    The Geometric Tie (alternatively known as the Foulard Silk Tie) is believed to have originated in the Far East, coming from the French word Foulard, with the same meaning. The repeating patterns can be flowers, geometric shapes (squares, diamonds etc), dots or isolated paisley shapes. When looking for a Foulard Tie, you are specifically looking for a repeating pattern. Foulard Silk Ties can be constructed either using Jacquard (woven silk ties, with the patterns woven via different color yarns) or Printed Silk on Satin or Twill Weaves (Patterns are printed using ink jet printings or printing screens in which colors are manually applied).

    Events to Wear Geometric Ties To:

    Business: Geometric Foulard Ties that work best in business settings are those of a darker hue, such as Navy or Burgundy. Darker colors generally help build trust and affinity, and help demonstrate a sense of authority.

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of Geometric Ties that are ideal for a business setting, please click here.

    Burgundy Geometric Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Rockport Squares Burgundy Silk Tie

    Business Casual: For more relaxed events, a higher tonal geometric or paisley tie such as a floral tie will have you looking the part, and will ensure that you are dressed above your competition. Floral or Paisley Ties help provide a relaxed vibe while allowing oneself to look professional!

    Brown Geometric Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Woodstock Abstract Brown Silk Tie

    Evening Out: On an evening out, a novelty patterned tie such as a repeating animal print will ensure to turn heads when out with friends on a night out! Repeating Animal Prints are a fun way to dress up an outfit while injecting personality into your ensemble at the same time! These ties can often allude to one’s personal interests, as the various repeating tie patterns are typically based around a theme, such as the ocean, sports, leisure among others.  

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of Animal Print Silk Ties, please click here.

    Blue & Yellow Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Watermill Fish Navy w/ Yellow Printed Silk Tie

    How To Match Geometric Silk Ties

    The Foulard Silk Tie, due to its repeating pattern template, must be closely matched with a shirt and an appropriate suit. Many foulard silk ties have patterns that are closely helped together, and are thus best suited for a solid or very subtly patterned shirt. Please note that pattern proportion is critical when matching ties, and pairing a tightly bound pattern with a closed shirt pattern such as narrow stripes or a checkered shirt will result in pattern clash.

    Burgundy Foulard Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Stafford Squares Burgundy Silk Tie

    Larger spaced foulard silk ties can be worn with a solid or narrow patterned shirt, such as a pinstriped or micro checkered shirt. Often, these larger spaced foulard ties are more colorful, helping provide tonality and are thus highly versatile. These ties are also ideal for more relaxed events where you want to dress the part, such as a summertime or beaching wedding, or on a day out at a horse racing meet, such as The Kentucky Derby!

    Blue Foulard Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Dartmouth Abstract Blue Silk Tie

    Essential Geometric Neckties

    When building out your wardrobe with geometric silk ties, it is prudent to have a couple of navy and burgundy silk ties, which are ideal for social settings, along with a couple lighter colored or less conservative foulard ties, such as a repeating paisley or animal print motif.

    To view The Dark Knot’s Entire Range of Geometric Silk Ties, please click here.

    And that’s a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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    How Men Can Dress for a Dinner Date

    Posted by Rishi Chullani on

    It’s game time. You got past the jitters. She said yes. You’ve picked a swanky new martini bar to start the night at, followed by an upscale fusion restaurant. You’re ready to rock n roll, have a great time and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. There is one issue though. A major one. You haven’t figured out what to wear. You want to make an impression, understandably, and more importantly, you want to feel great. Really great. So that confidence oozes and the date flows smoothly. And dressing well can serve as a great foundation for that. So with that said, here are our suggestions for how men can dress for a dinner date.

    Color Theory

    Before delving into specific items of clothing, a basic understanding of color theory will set the foundation for dressing well, whether it’s for your dinner date or any other occasion! A color wheel is the ideal place to start.

    Color Wheel

    A color wheel is divided into two large camps of colors: warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) and cooler colors (blue, purple, green). The goal of using a color wheel is to harmonize color balance. Ideally, a mix of warm and cool colors helps achieve the concept of harmony, where stronger warm colors are offset by more tempered, cooler colors. However, as we will see below, there is a range of color schemes that we can choose from.

    Based on the color wheel above, you will see that there are 4 major color schemes at play: Monochromatic (darker and lighter variants of the same color), Similar (colors that don’t contrast too strongly), Triadic (colors that provide contrast between warm and cool), and Complementary (bold contrast). For illustrative purposes, assuming that most gentlemen do not want to dress overtly bold, we will focus on the first three color schemes:

    Monochromatic: Consists of wearing colors that are tints (lighter variants) and shades (darker variants) of the same color. A popular example would be wearing a light blue shirt with navy pants. A monochromatic color scheme is a great way to dress dapper without dabbling too heavily with color experimentation.

    Monochromatic Navy Pants Blue Shirt Dinner Date

    Courtesy of


    Similar color scheme: Involves choosing colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel e.g blue with lilac or blue with green. Similar color schemes are often employed with cooler colors, and help portray a sense of familiarity as the colors do not strongly contrast with each other (cool with cool). Hence, navy blue pants with a lighter green solid or checkered shirt will work fantastically, as these colors evoke a sense of familiarity.

    Green Pants Blue Shirt Date

    A similar color scheme involves wearing colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, and hence aesthetically easy on the eyes. These light green chinos with the light blue shirt above are a perfect example! Courtesy of

    Triadic color scheme: This is where color experimentation really becomes interesting. Triadic colors are those that form a triangle within the color wheel ie blue, red & yellow and purple, orange and green. Choosing two of these colors e.g blue and red helps to create both a sense of contrast and balance. Using variations can work to great effect, such as burgundy chinos with a blue shirt!

    Burgundy Pants Blue Shirt Dinner Date

    Burgundy Pants and a Blue Shirt form a stunning combination as part of a triadic color scheme. Courtesy of

    Complementary color schemes: The boldest of the color schemes, this involves choosing colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel, and hence provide the strongest contrast e.g blue and orange.

    Orange chinos blue shirt dinner date

    Orange Pants and Blue Shirt above are definitely a bold combination but one that can work if you're bold with your attire! Courtesy of

    With basics of color theory now established, here are our suggestions for your articles of clothing for that all important dinner date:

    Dress Shirt

    Ditch the polos, and definitely ditch the t-shirts. While polos are fine for a day time casual lunch, dressing up for the evening requires more attention to detail. Solid and striped shirts are for work. Show off some of your personality with a solid dress shirt, a plaid shirt, or a more funky option such as paisley if you’re really ready to dress bold! With a strong emergence of plaid dress shirts, buying a well fitted trendy dress shirt should be available at a range of brands, whether you’re going for something more upscale such as Thomas Pink, or something more affordable but nevertheless trendy at Uniqlo!

    Dark Denim & Dress Shirt Dinner Date

    A Dress Shirt will always have you looking the part on your date! Courtesy of

    Dark Jeans

    Nothing speaks of timeless classiness like dark denim. While lighter denim can work during the day and even at times in the evenings, Dark Denim that is well fitted will complement your body and will make that dress shirt stand out! Just ensure that the dress shirt has been tucked in!

    Dark Denim Dinner Date

    Dark Denim always provides a timeless and classic look for a date! Courtesy of


    Not a fan of the denim, and straying away from formal trousers because they seem, strictly reserved for the office? Worry not! Chinos are a great way to dress with style without breaking the bank. Navy or Blue Chinos should generally do the trick. If you want to dress more boldly, why not opt for something like Burgundy Chinos!

    Chinos Dinner Date

    Chinos are always a classy option for a dinner date! Courtesy of

    Blazer / Jacket

    Nothing adds a level of masculinity and sense of style to your ensemble than a well fitted blazer. It is imperative here to pay attention to pattern variation. If you are just starting to experiment with pattern and color, I would opt for one pattern (either blazer or shirt) and two solids. If you are comfortable opting for two patterns, and are choosing your blazer and shirt as your patterned items (preferable!), then pattern proportion is critical. While patterns can be the same, the spacing between patterns if of paramount importance. Therefore, if you are wearing a smaller checkered shirt, you can opt for a larger, windowpane blazer.

    Blazer Dinner Date

    A blazer will always have you looking dapper, especially on a date! Above, a gentlemen is dressed emphatically with a double breasted jacket. Courtesy of


    Loafers, brown leather shoes or wingtip brogues will all do the trick with your outfit and have all your bases covered. If you have opted for jeans, a trendy pair of sneakers can also do the trick! The more formal your trousers, the more formal you want your shoes to be, so that it looks like your items have been chosen in accordance with each other.

    Tassle Loafers Date

    Tassle Loafers used to great effect on an evening date! Courtesy of

    Accessorize your ensemble

    Skinny Ties

    Accessories are where you can really bring out your personality, by paying attention to details! Looking to dress super sharp? Why not opt for a skinny silk tie or a knitted tie. Relax the vibe of your ensemble by keeping the top shirt button open, and not fastening the tie knot entirely all the way up, but hovering above the unbuttoned button. Skinny Ties are generally less corporate, show a sense of being well dressed and will allow you to look dapper without looking like you are in a stuffy boardroom!

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of beautiful skinny silk ties, please click here.

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of skinny silk ties that we specifically recommend for a date, please click here!

    Pink Plaid Skinny Tie

    The Dark Knot's Fairfield Plaid Pink Skinny Silk Tie used to great effect!

     Printed Silk Ties

    Another necktie option that is fantastic for dates are novelty printed silk ties with a repeating motif. These beautiful ties feature a small repeating motif related to a theme (animals, lifestyle, sports, music, travel, adventure). These gorgeous neckties, when viewed from afar, are seen as nothing more than a splash of vibrant colors. Upon closer examination, however, they reveal an intricate pattern that is usually a great conversation starter! They can also often be a sneak peek into what the persons hobbies are!

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of stunning animal printed silk ties, please click here.

    Yellow & Blue Birds Silk Tie

    Above and below, The Dark Knot's Animal Print Silk Ties make for perfect date attire!

    Animal Print Silk Ties

    Pocket Squares

    Looking to add a dash of color to your ensemble? A Pocket Square could be the perfect addition to your first date attire. Whether you are looking to dress super dapper and pair it with your tie, or you are opting to accessorize with just the Pocket Square, this item will definitely inject further character into your ensemble!

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of beautiful silk & linen hand made pocket squares with hand rolled contrasting edges, please click here.

    Grey, White & Blue Foulard Linen Pocket Square

    The Dark Knot's Baldwin Abstract Grey w/ White & Blue Linen Pocket Square used to great effect.

    Lapel Flowers

    If a Tie or Pocket Square is not your item of choice, and you are looking to add a unique accessory to your ensemble, why not opt for a Lapel Flowers. These unique accessories can immediately inject an element of flair and style into your ensemble, and show that you care to dress differently from the rest of the crowd. If you feel that wearing a lapel flower is something that could be authentic to your sense of style, these beautiful accessories are the perfect item to spice up your outfit!

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of beautiful hand made single tonal, two tonal & three tonal lapel flowers, please click here.

    Cream Lapel Flower

    The Dark Knot's Marblehead Cream Lapel Flower is ideal for an evening date!

     And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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    Printed Silk Tie Guide | How and When to Wear a Printed Silk Tie

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    Conventional wisdom that the necktie is suited (no pun intended!) to stuffy elites has recently been thrown out the window with more and more aspiring dapper gentleman from all walks of life experimenting with their wardrobes and sense of style.

    While it is certainly true that certain patterns such as the striped silk tie might still be reserved for office wear, the strong emergence of neckwear trends including knitted ties and printed silk ties have cast a shadow of doubt over conventional wisdom. Printed silk ties are almost the anti-tie. Foreman to Ali. Federer to Nadal. They take the conventional article of clothing and almost spin it on its head. Sure, cosmetically you’re still wearing a tie. But there’s a story to it now. There’s life, fun and novelty. Who wouldn’t want that – in even the supposedly stuffiest of places? With that said, here is our guide to how and when to wear a printed silk tie.

    Animal Print Silk Ties

    Two of The Dark Knot's Animal Printed Silk Ties

    Printed Silk Tie History

    So how did printed silk ties with unique patterns come into existence? Following  World War II and the subsequent rationing of fabric that was associated with meager economic times, excess took over as a form of counter culture to everything that went on in the preceding few years. Ties got wider. Design embellishment became prevalent. And men truly started to enjoy their neckwear. Art deco pattern styles became popular with animals, plants, flower, birds, western and tropical printed themes everywhere.

    How are Printed Silk Ties Made?

    Printed Silk Ties have become a popular alternative to woven silk ties for several decades. While woven silk ties are made using weaving looms that take silk yarns of various colors and intricately weave them to form patterns, printed silk ties use either screens (stencils) or ink jet printers to print designs onto what is typically a twill weave. Therefore, the actual pattern is not woven into the fabric but printed onto it. As a result, the silk of these ties often feels lighter, making them ideal for the Spring & Summer seasons. However, given the intricate nature of these patterns, many dapper gentlemen also opt to wear them year round.

    Types of Printed Silk Tie Patterns

    Patterns that are available with printed silk ties are truly diverse. What designs are popular are often intricate repeating motifs that are leisure or sports related. Examples would include a repeating fish pattern for people that may be interested in marine life or water activity, repeating patterns of golf clubs or tennis racquets for those who are inclined to play either game, or relaxing motifs such as swaying palm trees.

    Animal Print Silk Ties

    The Dark Knot's range of beautiful Animal Print Silk Ties

    The common theme among printed silk tie patterns is that they consist of a small motif related to a theme (animals, lifestyle, sports, music, travel, adventure) that is repeating seamlessly across the tie. These beautiful neckties, when viewed from afar, are often seen as nothing more than a splash of various colors, but reveal their true pattern upon closer examination, thus making them an ideal conversation starter! And as mentioned prior, they often are a sneak peek into what the person’s hobbies are. Your neckwear can therefore be a gateway to your world of hobbies & interests, all while dressing formally! Now how many pieces of formal clothing can you say that for?!?

    Occasions to wear a printed silk tie to:

    Printed Silk Ties can be worn to a range of functions, given the diversity of colors and novelty that they provide an ensemble with:

    Daily work – Step out of your daily routine of wearing a solid, striped or abstract silk tie and opt for a printed silk tie instead. These ties are fun and will draw interest to what can otherwise be standard conservative attire. Do, however, keep these ties limited to your daily work wear instead of using them for important meetings or presentations.

    Blue with Red Fish Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Nantucket Fish Blue w / Red Silk Tie

    Date Night – What better way to add an element of flair and formality to your outfit than an animal printed silk tie! This will show a clear desire to dress well without taking yourself too seriously. Which date partner wouldn’t like that?!?

    Green Fish Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Nantucket Fish Green w/ Blue Silk Tie

    Weekend Casual – Out for a weekend day time party, a horse racing event or playing croquet with your buddies? A printed silk tie will add the perfect dash of intrigue to your outfit, while leaving you peerless with regards to your sense of style!

    Animal Print Silk Ties

    The Dark Knot's Barnstable Crabs Blue w/ Pink Silk Tie and Falmouth Birds Blue w/ Yellow Silk Tie.

    Summer / Beach Weddings – My personal favorite time of the year to wear a printed silk tie.  What better way to soak in a relaxed but dapper day with a silk tie featuring intricate, novelty prints such as The Dark Knot’s Animal Printed Silk Ties!

    Chick Magnet Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Amagansett Chicks Blue w/ Yellow Silk Tie

    To view The Dark Knot's range of stunning Animal Print Silk Ties, please click here.

    How to Match a Printed Silk Tie

    Given that printed silk ties generally consist of repeating motifs, these unique neckties generally pair up well with solid shirts. It is best to opt for a shirt that is the same color as a secondary or tertiary color in the necktie pattern.

    Yellow with Blue Birds Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Falmouth Birds Yellow w/ Blue Silk Tie

    Alternatively, one can wear a printed silk tie with a larger checkered pattern shirt, as the larger spacing on the shirts checkered pattern will contrast well with the intricate, closely held pattern of the tie!

    Regarding suits, any of your conventional solid or pinstriped suits, along with plaid suits will work well with your printed silk ties.

    When accessorizing the rest of your suiting ensemble with a printed silk tie, a larger patterned Pocket Square that provides pattern and /or textural variation will perfectly balance your ensemble. Examples of this include Paisley or Polka Dot Linen or Silk Pocket Squares.

    To view The Dark Knot’s range of beautiful linen and silk pocket squares, please click here.

    What better way to polish off your suit with a funky animal print tie than with a single or two tonal lapel flower? Due to the intricate pattern of Printed Silk Ties, your best bet to finish off your ensemble with elegance is to opt for a single or two tonal lapel flower.

    Please feel free to view The Dark Knot's Single Tonal Lapel Flowers & Two Tonal Lapel Flowers.

    Polka Dot Pocket Square and Printed Silk Tie

    The Dark Knot's Ashland Dots Burgundy Silk Pocket Square and Amherst Yellow / White Lapel Flower!

    And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

    To view The Dark Knot's range of gorgeous Animal Print Silk Ties, please click here.

    To view The Dark Knot's range of Silk and Linen Pocket Squares, please click here.

    Please feel free to view The Dark Knot's Single Tonal Lapel Flowers Two Tonal Lapel Flowers.

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